Sunday, March 31, 2013

Typical Mondays

6.30 AM. Through my sleep I hear rasping sounds of a moving aside wooden fence that is furiously rubbing against the concrete slab. This lousy, ridiculous fence serves like a border for a couple of neglected dogs. In a few seconds engine of a silvery 4-wheel drive Toyota RAV4 starts which awakes me completely. After that I hear fading sounds of the driving off car. Now I can keep on sleeping.
6:40 (6:45; 6:50) AM. A new wave of irritation is spreading through my sleeping consciousness when I hear scratching of unshorn clutches against the fence together with sharp endless barking of two miserable creatures.
6:45 (6:45-9:00) AM.  Half-asleep I put on pants and a shirt and go to calm down Bert and Ernie (that's the way how our neighbours call the dogs, Laurel (the owner of the dogs) call them both simpler: "STOP IT!"). After my short lecture of "what is good and what is bad" they stop barking and I go back to sleep.
However in 10-20 minutes the barking resumes again.
So this is typical Monday, but today is Sunday. Through the sleep I even thought that if they are barking then it must be Monday. I suppose lovely Laurel has a changed shift, it's better she doesn't confuse her neighbours or at least let her neighbours know beforehand that the barking is fixed for a different date.