Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DZ Deathrays

Went to the gig of DZ Deathrays at Ding Dong lounge the other day. The Brisbane's duo looks pretty solid, it's easy to see that guys have gone through a lot of gigs. They have unique sound, I've never heard similar to that before. However it's hard to estimate it precisely because the sound in the venue isn't on top and especially because of the crowd. I've been to bunch of punk-rock gigs but I can't remember such madness on a show. From the first seconds of the gig the crowd of teenagers has gone mad. Stage-diving continued for the whole 40-minutes set.
I suppose I got old because I don't share the way how those children enjoy anymore. I prefer listen to a band and see a techniques of musicians, try to perceive the performance. With those jumps of each other and unstoppable stage-diving it's impossible to do.
At first I stood in the front of the stage, closer to drummer, Simon. Even took a few lousy photos of him.
But it was a real mistake to locate there. When the guys began to play I was pushed out of the first row in less than a minute. And I watched aside rest of the show while kids in front of the scene were destroying each others. The front musicians' speakers were shoved by the furious crowd all over the stage in a mess. But in the end I surprisingly didn't see anyone taken away by ambulance.
Wish to see them in a bigger venue in the future where security at least trying to repress stage-diving.
In general I'm pleased with the gig. In my view they're more drastic live rather than on the record. +Yana Amur took photos, here are some of them.
In the end here is the video clip on my favoured song of DZ Deathrays:

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