Monday, November 9, 2015

Russian political activist/artist set fire to the doors of Russia's secret service building

Yesterday night in Moscow famous Russian artist Petr Pavlensky made his new art-performance. He approached the main entrance of Russian's Secret Service (FSB (ex-KGB)) with a jerrycan of petrol, drenched the doors with the liquid and fired it up. 

Pavlensky explained his actions as follows:
"Lubyanka's burning door is a gauntlet thrown down by society to the terrorist threat. The Federal Security Service employs non-stop terror and keeps 146 000 000 people under its power. Fear turns free people into a sticky mass of separated bodies. Anyone can be made short work of who can be reached by CCTV cameras, wiretapping and passport control. Military courts do away with any signs of free will. But terrorism can only exist due to an animal instinct of fear. Yet there is a defensive reflex which makes a man resist this instinct. This is a reflex to fight for your own life. And life is something worth to start fighting for".
In a few seconds after the start of the performance Pavlensky was captured by FSB officers.
Here's the video of the event:

It was not the first time when Petr performed publicly. The other his famous performances were sewing own mouth, cutting off own ear, hammering own testicles on Red Square, etc.
There are rumors that this his performance may become even more popular than the Pussy Riot's singing in a Moscow cathedral. 

P.S.: at the moment the doors are under reconstruction. 


Yesterday I passed by Birregurra, small town with less then thousand people population. The town is located around 130 km to the west from Melbourne.

Birrengurra hosts small Birrengurra Weekend Festival that is happens every second Sunday of the month were local folks trade local food, plants, jewellery and crafts. The atmosphere on the events is friendly and relaxed.

The town's "vibrant life" is concentrated on Main street were a few cafes and shops can be spotted.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alowyn Gardens

The gardens are situated just one hour drive to north-east from Melbourne. They are not free to visit, but worth to see at least once. Except for gardens itself there are nursery and cafe. The best time to visit is spring when flowers are in bloom, but at the time the place gets overcrowded.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reception at GM Holden Ltd. headquarters office in Port Melbourne

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunset in Mill Park the other day
reminded me that moment in the Independence day movie