Thursday, February 28, 2013

The feeling that the study is about to begin is getting stronger every day with increasing number of incoming e-mail from uni and more frequent visits to the Bundoora campus. For example, yesterday I went there for the orientation meeting of the research methods course. Surprisingly, not a lot of students was there even taking into account that there are people from 4 different main courses.
Also yesterday I had a chance to come for +Flogging Molly's gig at the Palace. They were brilliant, I'd even say that their live performance is more interesting than the recordings. The giglist consisted of songs from all their albums which is pretty acceptable for me because it was the first time when I saw the band. +Yana Amur took some photos of them which will be available in near future. Today she also going to take photos of +Billy Talent and +Sum 41 at the Palace again.