Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Challenges, challenges, challenges.
This word like warning has been blinking ahead of me for about last 3 month. I'm a student again, I'm absolutely dependable again and there is no clearness about the future.
I need a job, my favourite job. But dreams about being an engineer instead of a waiter breaks with every application that was sent and responded that "application has not been successful on this occasion". No one needs a part-time engineer here. But why? No answer.
Today I went to campus in order to enroll at course. So did Yana. Afterwards it was funny to compare the artefacts of our tours. As the matter of fact, the information pack for Bachelor of Arts looks like this:
Whereas the pack for Master of Mechanical Engineer looks quite poor:
I suppose it was done for making that "CHALLENGES" (that ahead of me) even bigger and more significant.
On that pessimistic note I should stop sobbing and to dig in 400 pages of articles back. 8 fancy equations is waiting for me and they desire that I found them.