Friday, June 8, 2012

Yesterday we got back to St. Petersburg after 10 days trip to Ukraine. We've visited Kiev and my native town Svetlovodsk.
These days Kiev has been waiting for the receiving of the three football matches within the bounds of EURO2012 holding. There was a lot of places where still were in process different activities in preparation for the welcome of visitors. The main street of Kiev - Khreshchatyk was almost completely blocked. It is expected that there will be fan zones of countries participants of EURO2012 with big screens for broadcasting of the matches and mini shops with beer and snack. But we were there for less than 2 days for the opening of EURO2012 and there still was a lot of work to do.
I also took notice that for the last 2 years that I haven't visited Kiev streets became totally overcrowded. 4 years ago when I moved to St. Petersburg I thought that here huge throng of people, but now I don't think so, Kiev is at the head of this rate.
Boryspil International Airport is quite good now, much better than Pulkovo Airport. But unfortunately the airport is good only inside whereas outside is opposite situation and chaos reigns. Bus drivers don't even try to understand English and answer inopportunely. All buses are cheap, without air-conditioners in addition windows are made the way that can't be opened.
To sum up I'd say that the moment when Ukraine enter into European Commission unfortunately haven't come. And life in Ukraine to leaves much to be desired.