Sunday, May 27, 2012

Now I'm jobless

Now I'm officially out of work. Yesterday was my last work day at company where I had been working for about a year and a half. I'd say it was a pleasant leaving in some respect. Because my previous jobs I was leaving under the unpleasant stares of my bosses. This time almost everyone wished me a luck, in addition my chief has arranged a send-off. It was unexpectedly and I'm thankful for such treatment and in the same time I felt myself awkwardly because there was a lot of work for our department lately and now I left the department with just 7 workers. But there is nothing I can do with it.
Next week Yana and me are going at first to Kiev where we expecting to see some friends and I have to manage some affairs and after we going to visit my native town Svetlovodsk. I haven't been there for a two years before I started work at this company. I'm looking forward to see mum, unfortunately my brother out of town and I think I haven't seen him for a long time. But he promised to visit us in Australia in a distant future. I hope that in Svetlovodsk we will be able to swim in the Dnieper river because I spent all my childhood doing this in the summertime. There are lot of places which are suitable for a swim.
In St. Petersburg it is white nights now, hence I'm not fast asleep last days, on the other hand it's enough to feel myself freshly.