Monday, May 14, 2012

Still waiting

Three days passed and nothing happened. My boss hasn't showed up at work consequently my sensational statement is postponed until tomorrow. Hence, read about it later.
Today we had a chance to walk on one of the main street of St. Petersburg and I would say that it was awful. Pedestrian area is intolerably narrow whereas the centre is overcrowded. Moreover, a common situation when the half of a road is blocked up by an advertising poster panel. Pavement is covered with tiles utterly unprofessional and has a lot of damaged areas.
Today we also have visited cinema where have watched the new Tim Burton's Movie Dark Shadows. This film is an another vampire's story, but it is (as always with Tim's works) truly a masterpiece. First of all, it is a good cast: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter and even Alice Cooper personally. Then there are a great number of jokes that is not common for vampire's films. The atmosphere and decorations are on the top. I'd say that the atmosphere and brilliant decorations are the main feature of Burton's work.
One thing that unacceptable for me in our cinemas is translation. I would like that films were shown in cinemas on original language. Like it takes place in our neighbours Finland. I believe that movie is perceive wrongly when you're watching it with translation in addition this translation is distorted by a not always brilliant play of actor who dubs in.