Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Had a very exciting day. Finally my boss has appeared at work and I had a chance to report that I'm quitting the job. I'm happy that everything worked well and chief apprehended the news much easier than I expected. I'd even say that he is quite happy for us. His attitude surprised me so far as my boss is a well known Britain\America hater. But it's not his fault, what do you expect from a man of 73 years old who has been brought up in USSR under the fear that Americans are able to attack any minute. However, in other aspects he is an excellent man. And today he proved this again. By the end of the day he's written the recommendation for me.
God bless that man!
Other my colleagues weren't especially interested in my leaving. I guess they envy. Or maybe not, and they just don't care about this. After all, I don't care if they don't care.
Therefore there are 9 working day left for me. And I still have a lot of work to do.