Friday, May 11, 2012

The first working day after four holiday days.
I wonder how it happens. When I'm at work it's hard for me to deal with thoughts that I'm going to leave my job, moreover under the circumstance that I haven't finished my project. And I surely will put my department in an awkward situation.
On the other hand, it's only a job. I do my job and get salary (actually not as big as I would like) for my skills. And when I'm away from the office there isn't any thought about sadness of the moment and wiling to stay any longer. Nothing personal it's just business. By the way, last data say that an average salary in St. Petersburg is about of 29000 roubles whereas I earn 25000 roubles, considering that I work in the quite good and successful company.
Hence I would conclude there shouldn't be any hesitations and anxiety.
Furthermore, I could work for two more weeks. And maybe I could manage to complete my project especially those parts that are concerned with drawings.
So, tomorrow is the day when I report my boss that I'm leaving.