Thursday, May 10, 2012

There has been wonderful weather for the last three days. Finally in the middle of May you can have a stroll for your pleasure. The climate is the main reason why I don't like St. Petersburg. It's constant overcast sky, cold wind and short but damp summer.
So today we had superb time in the park where Yana fed squirrels and took photos of them. It's funny how these little creatures are afraid to take a nut from a hand therefore they are running around you. After obtaining the desired nut squirrels try to stock and dig it hereabout. Which I find quite silly since near every squirrel there are a few crows that stalk and raider squirrels' storage.
By the way, today is Victory Day. I saw a lot of people with ribbons of St. George. I've never seen it in Ukraine, hence I suppose it's rather Russian tradition to wear such ribbons on Victory Day. In my view it's a good tradition, but only in case when the ribbon is worn on chest. In other words I consider these ribbons as orders. As a result it's a sign of rudeness and ignorance to wear the ribbons on a bag, a hat or even a car. It's absolute nonsense, it's inadmissible.
Moreover, in the morning when me and Yana were buying nuts for squirrels in the shop there were a lot of drunken people. And everyone bought alcohol. At 11 AM. Yeap, it's a fail nation.