Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today is Tuesday 8th of May. Actually, this day 67 years ago German army surrendered to Entente and this was the end of World War II. My school's history teacher told us everybody celebrates Victory Day on 9th of May because it was the first peaceful day after the war.
Hence, the celebration will be tomorrow. But today was an absolutely strange day.
Firstly, we (my wife, mother in law and me) have watched The Avengers 3D-movie. I actually don't like action films, but the idea of Marvel Universe quite interesting. Maybe some day I'll gather myself up to read at least first collections of Marvel comics. In my view comics are better than films in some aspects.
The second half of the day passed in search for a hamster for Yana. Firstly she desired for golden hamster. But then she read that this type of hamsters lead night way of life. After that she decided to get Degu, which I find more interesting than stupid hamster. But after all our searches we couldn't come across any degu. Maybe tomorrow we'll continue our searches.
Nevertheless, upon the whole I don't like the idea of finding a pet at the time when we're leaving Russia in a month and a half period.