Thursday, May 24, 2012

The most livable country

Two days left till I quit the job. I have to say that these last days I'm working without particular effort. In other words I'm doing a lot of work, but the thought that I'm quitting the company is quieting me.
Today's the biggest news for me is the new results of better life index by OECD that shows rate of the different topics between the countries. The first place this time is held by Australia. I was shocked to know that average life length in Australia is about of 82 years. It's unthinkable!
I'd like to highlight the row of strange though quite pleasant coincidences. Last year, when we visited Australia, Melbourne became the most livable city in 2012 and now we're going to live there. We flew through Singaporean airport Changi which was the best airport in 2011. And within' a month we're flying to the most livable country through South Korean airport Incheon which has become the best airport in 2012. So, only the best!
By the way, in the better life index Russia is holding the thirty second place among thirty six of all. With almost zero result of health topic. It's sad and unpleasantly.

I keep watching the great video channel about Australia on You tube which contains a lot of marvellous videos of Australian's nature and cities. The videos are intended for tourists, but anyway they are worth to watch it.