Friday, May 18, 2012


It seems nothing has happened for the last couples of days. On the other hand, we've done a lot of important work. The main achievement is that we've opened two bank accounts. The first one in Westpac (Australia), another one in the Promsvyazbank (Russia). The account in Westpac was opened last weekend via internet. In summary, there wasn't any problem with this bank and opening the account in it. The main problem was that we have savings in roubles whereas Aussie banks don't work with such currency. We calculated that double currency exchange isn't economically rational. And our current Raiffeisen bank don't grant to open an account in Australian dollars, though their site has the AUD\RUB exchange rate. A few talks with bank's manager over the phone and in person didn't change the situation. So, we decided to find another bank that opens an account in AUD. I've phoned 10 bank and asked if it was possible to open an account in AUD. Most of them  answered that they don't do it or cancelled this service in 2011. When I almost despaired to find a proper bank I ran across Promsvyazbank that allows to open an account in AUD and in addition has excellent terms for these accounts.
Now we have roubles on the account in Promsvyazbank and we're waiting for better exchange rate. Unfortunately for us for the last 6 days Australian dollar has been increasing rapidly.