Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The purse story

It's getting funny that every time when I meet Yana after a gig some bizarre story happens.
Few weeks ago I was on my way to Flinders Street to keep Yana after the concert of The Rubens (by the way, here is the result of her work that day). In a coach with me were just a few people. Opposite to me, across the pathway there was a couple: a boy and a girl. They look like hard clubbers: guy wear a huge cardigan, whereas girl wear a cocktail dress alongside with a bizarre fur top. The couple was in a good mood, they definitely went somewhere to have fun. After the passing a few metro-stations in the coach went guy who look... I don't know... just like an ordinary guy, but bolt a little bit.

At Melbourne Central station the couple left the coach. When our train kept move I saw that the bolt guy who sat in front of me began to fidget on his seat. The fact is he sat half-turn to me and could see the couple's place easily. Interesting in his strange movement I turn my head to see the source of his excitement and saw a purse on seat where had been the couple.
After some hesitation the bolt guy changed his seat to the seat where lay the purse. One minute after he pushed the couple's property up and waiting one minute more he took and opened the purse. Carefully examining the purse for some time the bolt guy get a mobile phone and during next 5 minutes explored its content. For me it was a strange feeling, I hoped that he should give it to the police at the same time understanding that he wasn't going to do so.
He kept surf through phone, whereas I kept an eye on his actions. But after 5 minutes left he made the call and I heard the bolt guy said: "Hello Josh! I'm calling you because your girlfriend forgot her purse at the coach..." Honestly  I didn't expect that the bolt guy was going to return that stuff. When the train stopped at Flinders Street station I came from the coach in order to go to meet Yana and saw that the bolt guy came after me. When I met Yana we went to the station the same way that I had gone there. Crossing Flinders Street station I saw the aforementioned couple who was talking to the bolt guy. The girl held her purse in one hand and in the other hand she stretched $20. The bolt guy in turn confidently refuse the reward.
Maybe in Melbourn I should trust people more...