Friday, September 7, 2012

The story of the photo

Last evening Yana and me spent beautiful time together. The weather was mild, coffee was perfect and fussy gulls wasn't so irksome as always. With pleasure we walked along the Yarra bank listening the sounds of the vibe city. After I walked Yana to the Hi-Fi club where she had to made photo-review of Shihad's gig. At 7.30 PM she went to the club warning me that I met her there at 00.00. With the serene feel I went home. 
In one hour I went through our suburb coming to our house. At that time a huge wind rose. Approaching to the house in some moment I had felt that something wrong. When I came up to the house's door I understand that I hadn't made a mistake - the both doors were closed. The matter of fact we have two door. The first one is the real wooden. The second door we usually do not use because it is a mesh door for summer. But this time Yana habitually locked it. You can say: "So what the problem is? Take the key and open it!" But, you know, I don't have the precious key. When we moved in we got only one key for this bloody door and we didn't take the trouble to do the copy. 
I had no choice except made a turn and got back to the Metro station in order to go to down-town. When I had travelled 3 stations in addition to my misadventures began pouring rain. So, when I arrived to Flinders Street Station at 09.30 PM I couldn't go anywhere. Fortunately, I had a camera with me and I had plenty of time. I took some photo. Here is the best photo of that evening: 
Flinders Street, Melbourne