Monday, August 27, 2012

The Obama's book

During the last few weeks I've been reading the book which is written by Barack Obama Jr. He's now the president of the USA actually. Jr because his father's name is Barack as well. This book is the memoir of son about father and called 'Dreams from my father'. I found that Obama Jr. is a quite good writer. This book included in the list of the best 100 of non-fiction books since 1930's. Maybe Obama's position as the president earned such high position for the book but it was published in 1995, whereas as the president he was elected in 2009. The one of the main issues of the book is hard life of an afro-american in the USA, which is understandable. But the main problem in my opinion is the Obama's attitude to his father. I think Obama Jr. still can't estimate his stand to Obama Sr. I've read more than a half of the book and still haven't found not positive feelings nor negative ones. Maybe closer to the end I'll be able to find the answers.