Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finally I manage to find some time to write here. Now my wife and I live in a small suburb in Melbourne, Australia. It is called Fairfield. I've never thought that I ever will live in such place. Maybe someone who grows up immersed in western culture find a suburb like ordinary place to live, even maybe boring, but for me who lived in Ukraine and after just a little bit in Russia a suburb is just the marvellous place. An asphalt road with grass and houses on both sides. A lot of space, just a few cars that leads to light local traffic.
Our suburb is warded by FIDO (Fairfield Industrial Dog Object).
Our flat is in the block of apartments which consist of 12 flats. There are only 2 floors buildings. Actually all suburbs are built that way. The centre of a city it's a territory with a lot of skyscrapers whereas a residential district is filled by a 1-2 floor houses.
We found our apartments for 5 days which is pretty good because I often hear from our Melbourne's friends that it's quite difficult to find an accommodation here.