Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm utterly confused. I don't know respond to the fact that there is a rock band which is completely consist of group of robots. It would be understandable if some scientist assembled a couple of robots just for fun and tuned them up to perform a song, filmed their one performance, uploaded this video on youtube, reached a few thousand views there and forget about all this experience. But this specific band is a real rock band: they have tours, real musical instruments, audience, web-page and even rider for organizers of concerts.
The band was formed in 2007 in Berlin, Germany and was titled Compressorhead. At that time there was only one member in the band: Stickboy, who play drum. Later, in 2009, he was joined by Fingers, who plays guitar. Finally, Bones acceded the band as bass-player in 2012. They also called themselves as the heaviest metal band in the world.
These days they perform on one of the biggest Aussie music festival - Big Day Out where also play Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers and so on. Here is a photo from there:
Here is a video where Compressorhead performs cover on AC/DC's "TNT":
In their play list Compressorhead has covers on Motorhead, Ramones, AC/DC, Pantera and so on.
In my view it's quite interesting and fun project but the band with robot members doesn't have soul. Their music always be raw material even taking into account that they play without mistakes. Also I'm not sure whether Compressorhead has fans, because people become a band's fans in order to support band and also at least a little bit to get attention from band. With Compressorhead it's quite difficult because they're robots who actually don't care about anything.