Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Biggest Fan

Last month my wife's friend offered us to attend a Good Charlotte's gig. He was one of the organizers of this event, so we got one of the best seats in spite of the fact that we're not fans of the band at all.
We had seats on the second floor in the front of the stage. On the ground level under our place and slightly forward there was the main zone with the crowd of GC's fans. So we were able to see clearly the stage and the crowd. Right next to us seated a family couple in their 40ies. Woman seemed indifferent to what was happening on the stage, however man's behaviour was quite strange: he was looking through the huge binocular and covering his ears at the same time, making faces that indicated his dissatisfaction with the music. It was very strange and carried on during the whole concert.
Afterwards, when the gig finished and we went back to metro station in order to catch a train. Surprisingly, we saw the same couple, but at that time they were accompanied by two teenage girls who definitely were fans of GC because they both were wearing white pants covered with praising words about the band. At that moment we understood the man's strange behaviour. The parents bought tickets in the expensive zone, but with good view in order to look after their daughters who obviously desired to be closer to the stage.