Friday, July 27, 2012

English course at RMIT

Since 2nd of July I do English course at RMIT. There are two types of English courses at RMIT uni which are regulated by REW (RMIT English Worldwide) department. The first one it's REW main course which has the different levels that connect to IELTS-result. All this are described on this diagram. The second course is preparing for IELTS. I'm studying at the main course. At first I was directed on E5-level which conforms to Upper-Intermediate. But studying there for a week I thought that this level is too easy for me and asked to move up into level E6 (Advanced). The officer from student services decided (considering my good essay which everyone should write in the beginning of the course) that I can go to the higher level. There are some disadvantages of my moving up. Every level has 2 lessons everyday (2 hours each) with lunch break (2 hours as well). E6 has different from E5 timetable. At E5 lessons begin at 8.15AM which was better for me because I'm an early bird. In addition, with this timetable I was free at 2.25AM. Whereas on E6 level my lessons begin at 10.15AM and end at 4.35PM which is very inconvenient.
At REW-corses I found a lot of new friends from all over the world. It's really amazing because in Ukraine or in Russia where I used to live there are not so many internationals contacts. For instance, I never speak to Asian people before. Actually now I regret about it because they all kind and friendly people. I become more open-minded so to say. Also. besides Asian mates (from Thailand, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan) I found acquaintances from Venezuela, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Columbia.