Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today is quite a sad day.
Firstly, I'm disturbed because my left lung is wheezing. In my view I caught cold in the country and it seems that pneumothorax is about to begin again. I'm not afraid of the operation repeating. The thought that our moving will fail is the biggest fear.
Secondly, Jack White's concert is taking place in Melbourne on 25th of July. The tickets are for sale from 1st of May. We've decided to visit this gig therefore Yana has tried to buy 2 tickets today, however it was already sold out. Bloody hell! I still can't believe it. In Russia I just can't imagine the similar situation. What a grief!
Finally, I can't conceal there is not only delight in moving to Australia, but there are a lot of challenging problems. First of all it's looking for a lodging.On the other hand, I strongly believe that we'll manage to solve all difficulties.
In order to dilute this sad mood here are few photos of Melbourne:
The Yarra River and Eureka Tower
The photo from 88's floor of Eureka Tower
The City
St. Paul Cathedral
Federation Square